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Easily control your Samsung devices


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SmartThings is a very practical tool for all those who have more than one Samsung device. If you have a Samsung electronic device and you want to manage its operation and status, SmartThings will make it easier for you by grouping all your Samsung devices in one app.

This tool is designed to let you manage any of your Samsung devices, no matter which one you use or how many you have. The first thing you have to do is link all of them to this app so you can control them directly from your smartphone. Once you've finished configuring all of them, you can start checking their status, managing their operation and sending any kind of task that the devices can perform.

SmartThings helps you make sure everything works properly. Plus, you can set up alerts and receive notifications about the updates available for each device. One of the major advantages of this app is that you can organize your devices however you'd like. You can create rooms in your house and manage your electronic devices in the living room or kitchen at the same time using the shared management system.
By Beatriz Escalante